University Act大學法
Enforcement Rules of the University Act大學法施行細則
Teachers’ Act教師法
Act Governing the Appointment of Educators教育人員任用條例
Teacher Remuneration Act教師待遇條例
Regulations Governing Educational Institutions at All levels Applying for Work Permits for Foreign Teachers and Their Administration
Act Governing Retirement, Severance, and Bereavement Compensation for the Teaching and Other Staff Members of Public Schools
NYCU Regulations on the Appointment and Promotion Assessment of Teachers
NYCU Appointment Contracts for Full-Time Teachers
NYCU Regulations on the Appointment and Promotion Assessment of Research Personnel
NYCU Appointment Contracts for Research Personnel
NYCU Guidelines on the Hiring of Project Research Personnel
NYCU Appointment Contracts for Project Research Personnel
NYCU Qualification Accreditation Form for New Research Personnel
NYCU Accreditation Form for the Promotion of Research Personnel
NYCU Regulations for the Establishment of the University-Level Teacher Evaluation Committee
NYCU Guidelines for Managing Part-Time Jobs and Part-Time Teaching Positions of Full-Time Faculty
NYCU Guidelines for Seniority-Based Salary Increases for Teachers
NYCU Operational Guidelines on the Service Extension of Professors and Associate Professors
NYCU Guidelines Governing Sabbatical Leave of Professors
NYCU Regulations for Faculty Members Applying for Leave to Study or Lecture
NYCU Guidelines for Joint Appointments(本校教師合聘準則)
NYCU Guidelines for the Recruitment of Chair Professors and Distinguished Professors(本校講座教授及特聘教授設置辦法)
NYCU Project-Based Employment Agreement for Full-Time Research Personnel